Custom Banner Stylus Pens are perfect to promote your business. Smooth both on paper and screens. Write down the idea come into your mind with our banner stylus. At the same time a 168*68mm full color offset printed banner of your company/products information is carried with the custom banner stylusContinue Reading

Gel ink banner stylus are 3 in 1  promotional combo, which contain a fine hand-writing gel ink pen, a pull out double-sided full color printed banner sized up to 168*68mm and a capacitive touchscreen tip.  Material                  :   ABS, surface with metalContinue Reading

Scroll pen stylus combo are perfect to promote your business. HSBANNERSTYLUS-9S has a silver clip, middle ring and tip gives your client a high-tech feeling. Smooth hand writing both on paper and touchscreens of tablet/ipad/iphone/android phones. Click action ballpoint pen. When the ballpoint pen is retracted, it’s a capacitive touchscreenContinue Reading