Magnifier Pens with magnet are ideal promotional items with your logo on clip, and can attach to refrigerator. It’s very cool to read data sheet like lines of lines of data and numerical report, even you have really good eyesight, it can be hard to distinguish a specific line. ButContinue Reading

Acrylic magnifying barrel pens are perfect promotional gifts. Put your logo on the clip and give them away to your target clients. They will love it when reading Arabic numbers and scientific data which normally comes with small printing characters.  As it’s small and easy to carry, and cheap compareContinue Reading

Magnifying pens combine magnifier with ballpoint pens. The transparent acrylic barrel has magnifying function, especially good to read small characters of   printed data in newspaper or reports. At mean time it’s still a fine ballpoint pen with half capacity ink volume of normal ballpoint pens.  It also comes withContinue Reading

This unique acrylic pen works as a great magnifier as well. Also includes a ruler that will measure up to 3 inches. Put your customized logo on clip. The magnifier pen are great promotional gifts to put in envelope when you sending lump mails. Material: ABS+Acrylic (magnifier part) Include aContinue Reading

Pen magnifying ruler are 3 in one promotional pens combine a 3 inch ruler, a acrylic magnifier and a ballpoint pen. The clip area are flat designed to attached to books, magazines or newspapers, are perfect to imprint custom logo on it. Thus make it perfect promotional gifts. Material: ABS+AcrylicContinue Reading