Keep the periodic table close at hand with the periodic table elements pen. Table pulls out from pen and neatly rolls back into the barrel once your curiosity is satisfied. Both side can be offset printed. Your company logo can be added above the periodic table. Periodic table measures 168Continue Reading

The most convenient reference guide available – the Periodic Table poster Pen.  This pen holds a double-sided, updated Periodic Table.  The back side is a handy miniature reference chart.   A great reference right at your fingertips for both students and teachers! Features: Functioning pen Paper scrolls out to revealContinue Reading

Customized elements pens are perfect for students studing chemistry. If  your target cleints are teenages, you shall order your customized elements pens with your company brand and logo on them. Elements pens are also called Innovating Science pens have enclosed periodic miniature charts for fingertip ease of looking up elements,Continue Reading

Periodic Table Pen For the students studying chemistry, you won’t find a more convenient storage area for a resource essential to chemistry studies than the Periodic Table Pen. This pen holds a periodic table of the elements on a spring-rolled chart The chart also features an alphabetical list of elements,Continue Reading