The Power of All the Elements in the Known Universe Literally at your Fingertips Tired of squinting at the periodic table on your classroom wall? Need to know the atomic number of sodium at odd times? Then this pen with a pullout periodic table is the perfect tool for you. Continue Reading

Periodic table stylus pens are upgrade of Periodic Table Pens by adding stylus function to work on any capacitive touch screen mobile devices, such as iphone6 iphone6 plus, ipad,iphone6s, Samsung Galaxy 5, tablets, Surface, Android mobile phones and tablets, etc This stylus pen hides a roll-out Periodic Table, which is nowContinue Reading

Unusual Shaped Stress Balls are Squeezably different enough to draw attention. Use for Tradeshow pass-outs; gifts with purchase; retail; membership, gifts, safety awareness handouts. “Not just another stress ball.” We all want to giveaway something that is different so why not hand out one of our unique stress balls. YouContinue Reading

Custom Stress Balls. Imprinted with Your Logo Custom stress balls are the perfect giveaway for people of all ages and in any industry. An extremely popular novelty item, promotional stress balls are available in a wide assortment of shapes and sizes.   With our huge selection you are sure toContinue Reading

MOQ: 300PCS;  PRICE: US $0.79 /Low as. Custom logo imprinted Compass with attached carabiner clip, Available in an assortment of rich colors Custom Embroidery Logo Terry Sport Headband Pricing, include DHL to your door. No set-up charges. Include one color logo.  Free shipping to USA,West Euro,Canada and Autrialia.  Delivery timeContinue Reading

If you have new fancy mobile apps, but don’t have many user. Then you need to promote your mobile apps both online and offline. With custom mobile Apps marketing pens, your potential App users will have a solid impress of your App.  Our mobile Apps offline marketing pens have bothContinue Reading

Offline Apps promoiton is an area of promotion that falls into the blind spot of most app companies. Offline marketing tactics might not drive as much traffic as an online kareting cmpaingn, but  they will prove to be very cost-effective way to build credibility.  Offline, or traditional, marketing techniques varyContinue Reading

Plastic with retro metallic finish, chrome trim, soft black rubber capacitive stylus, twist-off cap, black nylon cord and a retractable 41/4” x 11/2” banner with a customized 4-color process imprint on both sides. Attach to your smart device by pushing plastic plug at the end of the nylon cord IntoContinue Reading

Custom universal Calendar Stylus with transparent barrel and color rubber grip are perfect to promote your business. 3 in 1 click action ballpoint pen/pull our scroll / universal capacitive touchscreeen stylus combo is suitable for iphone, ipad, the new Ipad,Galaxy S5 tablets, Android tablets, etc.  Smooth both on paper andContinue Reading